how we got here

Our history

While he was a student at LSU, Dustin Lafont was constantly working on bicycles on the front lawn of his house in South Baton Rouge. One day, a young boy showed up and asked for help fixing his bike. Then he brought friend who also needed help, who also had a friend who needed help. Soon there were a dozen kids meeting in Dustin's front yard twice a week to learn how to fix and maintain their bikes. Since that first kid on the front lawn in 2010, Front Yard Bikes has grown to 2 locations and served over 400 youth in the South Baton Rouge. 

Dustin's belief that God will provide has been his primary motivation for meeting weekly with the kids of South Baton Rouge for the past 6 years. "These kids deserve the opportunity to learn, grow and ride in a safe place. God willing we can make that a reality."