Like any non-profit, financial donations go a long way. We will be grateful for whatever you can contribute but here is an example of how far your donation can stretch.

  • A $20 donation can buy a trip for 14 kids to the BMX park

  • A $50 donation will provide up keep for our garden for a full month

  • A $100 donation will provide rent for 2 weeks.

  • Any donation of $100 or more, we will send you a free FYB shirt and thank you.



If you would like to volunteer with FYB, we will need you to send your name, place of work, and phone number to We would also like for you to tell us how you would like to volunteer with FYB. You can choose from these helpful options!

  • Working in the shop with the earn a bike program

  • Working in the garden

  • Tutoring kids in the homework program

  • Cleaning and preparing the shop

We would love to have you lend a hand at FYB and can’t wait to see you there.


We would love your old or used bikes. We take any bike in any condition. If we can not recycle the bike, we will scrap the parts so we can fix other bikes. To donate a used bike please visit our Terrace Street location or our Government Street retail shop during hours of operation. Our usual hours are Monday to Thursday 12-6pm and Friday 12-4pm. We look forward to seeing you out there. Thanks for giving and making a difference in South Baton Rouge.